ENRED, What is it for?

The European Network for the Recognition of the Ecological Debt (ENRED) tries to impulse and coordinate efforts in order to achieve the recognition of the Ecological Debt that European Countries have accumulated towards the impoverished countries. It also tries to reduce/eliminate the future Ecological Debt. In order to do so, it will support, help to develop, and promote, the European and World campaigns that will be done with our same aim.

Main characteristics of ENRED

The network is a social movement, a group of collectives and citizens that tries to support the active participation of all the citizens. It is a horizontal movement, non hierarchic, where the grass roots are the keystones.

The network is democratic, plural, open, without connexion to political parties and non confessional.

ENRED is not a substitutive of the local actions that citizens and organizations want to do: is an amplifying system of their actions, which is at their service, and a mechanism to promote new ideas in the European Level.

Even if the main aim of ENRED is the recognition of Ecological Debt, it has also the desire to participate in close connexions with other campaigns whose aims would be the best redistribution of resources and the achievement of a more just economy.

ENRED do not pretend only the recognition of the Ecological Debt produced in the past, but wants to contribute to decrease or stop the creation of new Ecological Debt in the future. It also tries to contribute to create awareness, on European citizenship, on the effects of their consumption habits, as one of the main sources of Ecological debt. It also pretends to introduce pressure into the political sphere and other actors, such as International Organisms, Transnational corporations, etc, for implementing political decisions to reduce the Debt.

ENRED aim is, in simple words, to work towards a reduction of the pressure of our economic system on the environmental system and at the same time to reduce the North-South inequities.

That is why, together with our friends of the Alianza de los Pueblos del Sur Acreedores de Deuda Ecológica (SPEDCA), ENRED tries to work from the more richest countries in the world for a recognition and restitution of the Ecological Debt.